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tv   News 19 11  CBS  December 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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arrests 3 we've seen some heavy rain over the good evening. thank you for joining us. we have seen heavy rain over the past couple of days. sce&g will open up one spill way releasing water from the lake murray dam. we have more on what led up to the decision and what it means for those living around the dam. >> reporter: sce&g say it is due to upstream inflows. they will release water starting tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. earlier today they were testing the sirens along the river. you may have heard sirens along
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jenny jones said there is a lot of water level following the flood. >> we released water into the lower river. the sirens are to let people who are boating or fishing or swimming know. >> they appreciate it. they took notice to the higher water level. >> we are always taking precautions. we never boat alone. this isn't for the beginner boater. >> in a statement they will open one spill gate. residents will notice the lake
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the level set by the federal emergency commission. concerns about the sirens. >> it is not designed for people to evacuate. law enforcement would be in charge of that. >> reporter: during the october flooding sce&g opens 4 and a half spill ways to release water. tomorrow they are only opening one. >> all right. thank you. flooding issues were a big concern to residents in newberry county. 3 people had to be evacuated from their homes because of high water levels. there are barricades because of the heavy rain. if you are in a low lying area, you need to be aware and make a plan allowing you to leave if you need to.
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see the pavement, whatever you do, don't try to drive through it. >> reporter: good news isn't the rain diminishing. we have light rain ending ending in areas north of i-20. as far as temperatures, as of 10:00 the low was 67 degrees. the high 75 in the city, 76 at the airport. right now our temperatures are holding at 67. that's the low so far. it is cloudy. wind is from the south, southwest at 6 miles per hour. tonight for the rest of the
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light rain coming through. 64 for a low tomorrow. we will see rain showers mainly tomorrow afternoon the high of 69. we will look at the forecast for the year in a moment. the search continues for 21- year-old henry dingle and 18- year-old william span and 2 others. shots fired call after 4:00 yesterday on frazier street. they could be involved in other cases as well. all 3 men are believed to be armed and dangerous.
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sc or 911. more boil water advisories involving west columbia customers. all the addresses you see here on the screen, lynn drive, savannah drive. boil water before you cook or drink. the water line relocation had to be postponed. they will relocate the lines in mineral springs road. customers will not have water during those hours.
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a minute before you use it. >> a couple of g.o.p. contenders made it through south carolina today. they were working on empowering working class citizen. >> we are on the verge of the this world. working. because of that our aspirations are held back. whatever your ideas are about taxes, regulation, about fixing our entitlement mess, we can't be in denial forever or the next generation will not have possibilities of a life with purpose and meaning. all these things can't happen washington. >> south carolina holds the
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the republican front runner was in our state. donald trump was in hilton head speaking to supporters. he foreign policy. military. >> he will build the strongest military ever. let me just tell you. i don't think we will have to use it. i remember when jeb and hillary -- mr. trump's tone is not nice. christian's heads. isn't life wonderful? we have to be tough, smart, we have to have heart.
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and fix our health care system. obamacare is a disaster. you people know. >> trump spoke on his recent attack on bill clinton. he said hillary was a hypocrite talking about past affairs. the major u.s. phone carrier offering 2 year contracts, at&t customers will get phones for paying for the phone or paying installments. business customers who have qualified, some customers want to sell the device for full price.
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t-mobile got rid of contracts 2 years ago. bill cosby is free on bail after being arraigned on sexual assault charges 12 years ago. 50 women have come forward accusing him of sexual assault. he faces up to 5 to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. his lawyers said make no mistake we intend to mount a vigorous defense against this unjustified charge. we expect mr. cosby to be exonerated. a friend of one of the shooters in the san bernardino shooting killing 14 people have been indicted on charges
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previous planned attacks and making false statements buying guns. he a voids the need of standing trial for a sham marriage. he has not entered a plea. mexican officials charge tonya and ethan couch. the pair has retained counsel and trying to stop deportation. it doesn't surprise them the family fought deportation. >> just another chapter in a long book. i expected no less. they will fight every step of the way. they will not turn over a new
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that's not how they have lived. >> an attorney used affluenza as a defense for a deadly drunk driving charge. all right. coming up next on news 19, one
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the midlands ringing in the new crews didn't let rainy weather stop them from getting ready for the famously hot new year party.nearly 30-thousand people will crews didn't let the rainy weather stop them from getting ready for the new year's eve party.
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streets will continue to be closed preparing for the big event. we had the mayor on today earlier. he was grilling you, trying to make sure we would have nice weather. 40,000 people are expected in downtown colombia. >> most of the rain will be over. there will be sprinkles and light rain. it will be cloudy and turning cool soon. right now let's look at the radar. we still have light rain occurring in the eastern part of the midlands moving east. for much of the midlands the rain has ended. we will see a few showers coming in during the early morning hours. here is the doppler estimated rainfall. it is from half an inch to an inch of rain.
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and a half of rain. into abyville, greenwood, newberry, the doppler is estimating 3 to 4 inches of rain. a that's a lot of rain to come down. that water is coming downstream. in colombia here are the totals. .92 of rain at the airport. the total for the month is 6.4 inches of rain. it was raining up state. 65 degrees in greenwood.
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78 in sumter. 67 in colombia and orangeburg. it is sagging a little in georgia. it will not come through until later tomorrow. much of the rain has ended. we have another batch of rain in the florida pan handle. behind it we have a lot of cloudiness. it is chilly. we are the lone hold out for warm temperatures. right now it is cold in the nation's mid-section. rapid city, south dakota is 6 degrees. we will see showers around day break coming through the area. it will continue off and on into the afternoon. by late afternoon most showers will be south. a slight chance of rain during evening hours.
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it will be cloudy new year's. 64 in colombia. highs tomorrow generally in the 60s. 65 in newberry. it may get up to 74 in manning. it will be cooler new year's day. decreasing clouds. another surge of cold air monday with a high of 55.
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with a high 3 starting with college football and this time tomorrow night, clemson hopes to be headed i we are starting with college football. clemson hopes to hopes to ring in the new year with a win. tomorrow we will know if the tigers are headed to the championship game. a photo op with the trophy. there are suspensions. that guy right there, dion cain violated rules. they failed a drug test. they were sent home. cain was suspended for the miami game. he was sat down for attitude reasons. it was a 1-game suspension. sweeney didn't blink if they would accept him on the score
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>> why would it be a distraction? j.j. mccullen doesn't have anything to do with chad lawson and the rest of the guys. it's not a distraction at all. it is a distraction for me. i have to answer questions about three guys that break our rules. i have to deal with it. that comes with my job. those guys are focusing on what they do. the senior has graduated. j.j. is not a senior but he will have an opportunity to come to school and graduate by the summer and move on. he will not be back with us at clemson. dion can rejoin the team if he
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to do. if he doesn't he won't. it's pretty simple. >> usc ranked 20th in the country. gamecocks moving the ball around. duane will bury the triple. browning the former yellow jacket n a title. there he is. finishing with 14 points off a missed shot. the freshman taking the distance, finishing at the rim. nicely done. he had 6. his most extensive action. here is more from the gamecocks.
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the fmu head coach and, justin macky, good for long range. they remain perfect on the season taking on memphis at 6:00. you know the history 0 and 57. there is bryce johnson, player of the week with the monster block for the tarheels. tigers in the first game of the year. jordan with 14 points on the night. tarheels had 18. usc wins. they are 0 and 58 in chapel hill. former usc basketball player
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they were in town taking on benedict. looking to respond, merit to green playing irmo getting a bucket. more from the tigers, dorothy brown with merit. a final of 84 to 57. let's go to greenville, championship green. the sky hawks looking for the 29th win taking on the airport eagles. they were looking to give them all they could handle. they would do just that. daniel gillins knocking down the 3. eagles with the lead. more from gillins. he gets the bucket, the steal,
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streak, here come the sky hawks. bombs away. goodwin did not score a fieldgoal. it collapse odd 7. hamon benching their rocking. sky hawks within the 29th game in a row.
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now they have another piece of 3 preparation continues across the country ... today officials at the times square party flipped the the switch to light a
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times square at noon prepped the ball. it moves up a 130-foot pole. 200,000l.e.d.s and 2600 waterford crystals. i love the confetti test. it works. pick everything up. we will do it all over again. i wouldn't want to be on that committee. we are having a huge celebration here. >> we will still see some showers, low of 64.
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